Monday, 26 November 2018

Dictée #6


Here are this week's dictée words:

1.  les activités
2.  le hockey
3.  le soccer
4.  la natation
5.  le patinage
6.  le baseball
7.  le ballon-panier
8.  la bicyclette
9.  la lacrosse
10.  la gymnastique

1.  Quand mon frère joue au hockey ou au baseball, je vais à bicyclette à la gymnastique.  

2.  L'été on joue souvent au ballon-panier ou au soccer.

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Week of May 28th


With all this nice weather it feels a bit like the end of the year is near, doesn't it?  Yet we still have a full month left, that's 10% of our school year!  We still have lots to cover but I hope to also take advantage of the nice days and take our learning outside if possible.

Here's what's happening in the next few weeks:

Tuesday May 29 - French Theatre production
Wednesday May 30 - Last swim lesson. 
Thursday May 31 - Dictée #20
Friday June 1 - Heritage Tea in the afternoon.  Willows students are encouraged to wear what family members would have worn in 1910.

Thursday June 7 - Spelling #10 (last one of the year!)

Please see email for field trip update.

This week's dictée (Oak Bay Tea Party theme):

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Week of April 9th


2018 is turning into the year of weddings in my family.  In early March I attended my brother's wedding in Regina, the following week my brother-in-law's wedding in Mexico, and in June my eldest is getting married as is my husband's youngest cousin.  In March I was lucky to experience a "real" Canadian winter in Regina (for a few days), then catch some rays the following week in Mexico.  I love the snow so both climates were good fuel to tackle more rain.

This Friday the 13th marks Mlle Nessim's last week in our class.  She has been teaching with us since January and the students and I have benefited from her creative ideas and perspectives.  Next week she plans on returning to Abbotsford to start her teaching career closer to her family.  We wish her the best.  She will be missed!

Classroom calendar - or click on the link at the right

Curriculum update:

Math:  This past week we started to work with multiplication.  Our goals this year will be to understand multiplication concepts such as arrays, skip counting, and repeated addition, as well as using multiplication to solve word problems.  Students will show their knowledge by using equations, drawings, number lines, ...

According to the new BC Curriculum, "memorization of facts is not intended for this level".  Despite this, many students are already familiar with multiplication facts to 5s, and some even know them to 9s and beyond!  The best way to learn facts of any kind is by playing games.

Many of you dice games in our student-led conferences back in March.  Here's a dice game to practice multiplication and arrays.  We tried it out in class this past week:

The goal is for each player to cover as much of the page by drawing rectangles representing the numbers rolled in the dice.  To expand the game, write the product (the answer) inside the rectangle.  Some students may also enjoy using at least one die with more than 6 sides.  You can find these at games stores or School House Teaching Supplies.

For more traditional "facts" games, here are some online games:  Multiplication facts games .  But beware, they look fun but they don't develop brain skills as much as the array game above.

This week's audio dictée:

Friday, 16 March 2018

Bonnes vacances!!

Bonjour! Wishing everyone a happy and healthy Spring Break!  There will not be a dictee or spelling the first week to make sure everyone can relax over the break. As mentioned last week, the Spelling Units are here.  Our next unit will be Unit 7.  

Please welcome the addition of a class calendar to the blog.  The link is on this "home" page, on the right side, or here.

For some online French activities over the break, Radio-Canada has many options here.

Enjoy the break and see you back on Wednesday April 4th!

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Week of March 5th


Last week on February 28th as part of Pink Shirt Day, our class spent time meeting a student from Mrs. Ireton Grade 2/3 English class.  Students rehearsed how to present themselves and how to ask an interesting question.  Then, students played Math games in both classrooms.  Mrs. Ireton and I split our classes in 2 so that half of her class could teach half of my students an addition and logic game, while the other half of my class taught her remaining students a subtraction game.  The link for our game is also on the Links tab of this blog.  Playing games is such a great way to reinforce skills.

Last week we also walked to Cattlepoint and Willows Beach on a sunny, blistery day to observe the wildlife, and to get a sense of space, standing where First Nations lived centuries ago.

Coming up in the next few weeks before Spring Break:
Français - Fairy tales and First Nations Legends
English - Finish reading Stone Fox
Math - Measurement, perimeter, and area
Socials - First Nations
Science - Ecosystems

lundi le 5 mars:  Student-led conference forms go home, to be returned ASAP
mardi le 6 mars:  Folk dance lessons in P.E.
jeudi le 8 mars:  Dictée, Family dance at 6:30pm.  Purcase tickets here.
vendredi le 9 mars:  Report cards go home

lundi le 12 mars:  Author visit-Alison Gear, Scholastic Book Fair to the 16th
mercredi le 14 et jeudi le 15 mars:  Early dismissal at 11:52am, student-led conferences from 1 to 5 pm.
jeudi le 15 mars:  Spelling Unit #6
vendredi le 16 mars:  Last day of school before Spring Break

March 17 - April 2nd - Spring Break

April 4th - return to school.  (Please note that there was an error in the date when 1st posted)
April 23 1pm:  Afternoon musical performance.  Orange cast and Chatham choir
April 24 6pm:  Evening musical performance.  Orange cast and Chatham choir
April 25th 7:15pm:  Evening musical performance.  Green cast and Chatham choir
April 27th:  Pizza/sushi lunch

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Week of January 22nd

Bonjour et bonne année!

I hope everyone enjoyed the winter break!  We all came back relaxed, albeit a bit sleepy.  I'm afraid this may be a bit of a long post so please bear with me.  (I really ought to post weekly.)


As you may have heard, our classroom carpet was cleaned over the Christmas holidays as it had not been vacuumed for a few months.  I purchased a manual vacuum but not being as powerful as a real vacuum cleaner, the carpet was quite dusty.

I'm so happy that the SD61 has agreed to vacuum our carpets once again.  I have taught both with and without a carpet and have found that having a carpet is vital to creating a classroom community.  Grade 3s are still wiggly and need to move around throughout the day.  While we have movement breaks throughout the day, the carpet gives little bodies another space where they can sit.  It's also a place where we can be close together, have discussions, and listen better to one another.  The first year I had my carpet, about 4 years ago, I saw a few non-readers start to read, simply because they could flake-out on the carpet with a book.  The carpet provided a less-structured environment more conducive to reading, either alone or with a friend.  I really hope that the District continues to fund daily vacuuming of carpets.  The kids are worth it!

Please send inside shoes to school for your child.  Our fields are exceptionally muddy this year due to construction in the fall.  We are trying to keep carpets and school clean.

Recap & update on what we are working on right now:

We started 2018 off with a handshaking demo/some practice as we wished each other a "Bonne Année".  Key points were to shake not too hard or too soft, and have some eye contact.


In Math we have been practicing how to subtract numbers such as 45 - 18, to harder problems such as 825 - 487.  We spent a portion of each day practicing with blocs to understand what happens to the hundreds, tenths, and units when subtracting.  We then moved on to learning how to subtract by placing the larger number above the other.  This can be a hard concept to grasp for some learners leading some to think that "they are no good at Math".  It's up to us adults to encourage and remind them that some skills take perseverance, but that they are still attainable.  Grade 3 students can use written calculations, drawings, or blocks to demonstrate their subtraction knowledge on quizzes.


In Social Studies we have started to study Canada's North and the traditional Copper Inuit ways of life.  As they gain more knowledge, students will be making a project in class.  They will be able to work on their own, or in a group with up to 2 other students.  Please send a piece of cardboard to class or a cardboard box for the base of the project.

Students also painted some beautiful pictures à la Ted Harrison this past week.


In French we have been looking at Masculin/Feminin words, as well as incorporating more of the 6 senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, emotions) into our writing.


In English, each week students write about their competencies in the form of "I can..." statements.  So far this year we have explored subjects such as:  "I can connect with others", "I can contribute to the community"...

This week's topic was "I can define my personal values and choices".  I knew this might be abstract for 8/9 year olds, a few of whom find it difficult to voice their opinions.  To make it more concrete, we had a class discussion about the Vancouver Aquarium's decision to no longer keep marine mammals in captivity.  The important part here was not the individual viewpoints, but to have the ability to say why they were either for or against this.

I was impressed with how well students were able to give reasons for their viewpoints.  The discussions were lively and interesting while students made their opinions known and listened to other points of view.  After the discussion, students wrote in English about their point of view.


As you have probably noticed from the dictée words, this week is Carnaval week at Willows for French Immersion classes.  We will be having a Carnaval assembly in the gym tomorrow, and on Thursday afternoon we will have a presentation about the Métis and their traditions.  There will be singing and spoons involved!  Please send a long scarf to school for your child to wear as a "ceinture fléchée" (sash) this week.

Ice blocks

Also on Thursday morning, a first for Willows, Immersion classes will attempt to build an ice castle on the basketball courts.  In preparation for this, please freeze an ice block at home and bring it to school Thursday morning.  You could freeze water inside a clean/empty 2L carton of milk, a tetra pack, or purchase a block at a garage that morning.  Students will leave their blocks outside in their line-up upon arrival Thursday.  They will go to Music class at the bell, then we will return outside around 9:45 to build our portion of the castle.  Should be fun!

Dress-up as your favourite book character day

This will take place next Monday, January 29th.  


On January 29th we will also be welcoming Beth Nessim, who will be doing her final teaching practicum with us for the next few months.  Beth has already visited the class many times this year.  I look forward to her energy and new ideas.  Having two teachers in a class is always great!


February is skipping month at Willows to promote healthy hearts.  Grade 3s will be having a Skip-along at lunch recess on Feb. 6th and 8th.  On Feb. 22nd we will have a school-wide Skip-a-thon in the gym throughout the day.  Please see notice attached to this week's email for more info.

Valentine's Day

Kids usually like to exchange Valentine's on February 14th.  If your child wishes to do this, please include all students in the class.  Many thanks!

Upcoming, at a glance:

Jan. 22:  Carnaval Assembly
Jan. 23:  P.E.
Jan. 25:  Dictée, Ice blocs, Metis presentation
Jan. 26:  Pizza/sushi

Jan. 29:  Dress-up as your favourite book character day
Feb. 14:  Red and White day
Feb. 28:  Pink Shirt anti-bullying day

Last but not least, this week's audio dictée.  Thanks for making to the bottom of this post!

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Week of December 11th


Just two more weeks before the Winter Break.  Here's what's coming up:

Tuesday Dec. 12 - P.E., Choir rehearsal in the afternoon
Thursday Dec. 14 - Dictée, Choir rehearsal in the afternoon
Friday Dec. 15 - Pizza/sushi

Monday Dec. 18 - Field trip, afternoon Choir performance in our gym
Wednesday Dec. 20 - Evening choir performance at Oak Bay High School
Thursday Dec. 21 - No dictée or spelling!!

Please send your child's choir uniform to school this week in preparation for next week's concerts.

Last week we started our first Spelling Unit of Grade 3.  We will be alternating Spelling and Dictées for the remainder of the school year.  This week will be our last Dictée/Spelling of 2017.  We will be taking a break from these next week and restart after the New Year.

I will be placing all Spelling Units on a website called "Spelling City".  This site uses the class Spelling lists and allows students to play a few games like "Hangman" and "Unscramble".  As an added bonus it is free and there is no need to register.  This year's lists will always start with a "3", followed by the Unit name.  Ex:  3 Unit 1.  My previous units from when I taught Grade 4/5 are still up there for anyone to try.  You can access it here.  Another way to reach the site is to go to: showers.

Here is this week's audio dictée: